Burly Bears
Burly Bears


A collection of 6,601 generative NFT beasts, each with rare, hand-drawn attributes inspired by their natural habitats. These six bears are the most endangered of the species. MINTING NOW!

Each piece is original. This collection is created by the successful artist Diablo and it is one of the first non-fungible tokens to include multiple species in a combined release.

Holders are eligible to be chosen for our 'Bears On The Brink' adventure expeditions, visiting these magical creatures on-location, in the wild.

6,601 Unique Burly Bears.

Burly Bears will launch on the Ethereum blockchain as a collection of unique digital non-fungible tokens created by Diablo, the artist responsible for multimillions in NFT sales. A substantial portion of the proceeds is being donated to the six organizations fully dedicated to saving each of these endangered bears, some of nature's greatest beasts.

These unique pieces examine the juxtaposition of the advancements we’ve embraced in our lives and those we’ve discarded. The artwork includes pieces honoring the people of the regions represented by these at-risk bears. For example, the Spirit bear dons a sacred headdress from the First Nations tribes of Canada.

Presale Mint Date: November 21st, 2021 12:00PM EST

Public Mint Date: November 22nd, 2021 12:00PM EST

Price: 0.05ETH + Gas

  • A maximum of 6 NFTs can be minted per wallet in the Public Sale.
  • Presale Access will be given to the most active Discord community members. Each eligible Presale wallet can mint a max. of 3 bears prior to the Public Sale.
  • Once the Public Sale is completed, Discord members will be eligible to immediately vote on the real life location for our first 'Bears On The Brink' expedition.

The Collection

Estimated Population: 40

The Gobi Bear is the most at-risk of the Burly Bears. While it has adapted to life in the Gobi Desert, it's habitat is being decimated by the extraction of the area's natural resources.

Estimated Population: 100

The Spirit Bear is the elusive subspecies of the Black Bear living in the Great Bear Rainforest of Canada. According to native lore, the Spirit Bear brings people to magical places deep underwater.

Estimated Population: 1,000

The Sun Bear is the smallest Burly Bear, at only 5 feet in size. Deforestation of this long-tongued creature's habitat in Southeast Asia is stressing the population.

Estimated Population: 1,864

The Giant Panda is a revered species living in China's temperate forests. Due to the deforestation of its habitat, numbers have dwindled significantly.

Estimated Population: 8,000

The Spectacled Bear is the only remaining species native to South America. This two-toned creature lives in the majestic Andes and it is at-risk due to poaching of this beautiful beast.

Estimated Population: 24,000

The Polar Bear is the largest land carnivore at over 10 feet long. For the first time in history, Polar Bears are drowning as ice becomes scarce due to global warming.



Purchasing a Burly Bear NFT unlocks special access to the Community. Our purpose-driven holders are here to dream big and participate in cutting edge solutions for a better future.


The roadmap outlines our vision as we build strong bonds among our savvy community of collectors and change-agents.

.01 Launch Roadmap

Protecting these precious creatures by offering extremely rare, high-quality pieces is our top priority. Our mission to protect the real life Burly Bears roaming our planet will inspire our highly engaged members on our first drop. We have a number of rarity elements in production as well as many experiential concepts almost ready to emerge from hibernation. We are working to build our community on Discord and Twitter with new additions throughout time.

.02 Donation

After completing a successful sale process, a substantial portion of our proceeds we will be distributed to the public charity wallet of six identified charities, each focusing on saving one of the six species. A portion of the proceeds from secondary sales will also go towards the charity wallet, thereby providing ongoing support for the charities working to protect the bears. All donation details will be shared transparently with the community.

.03 Community Efforts and Growth

Our community growth team will focus on engaging and growing a dynamic membership and announcing exciting collaborations that are now in the works. The expansion is designed to benefit all participants and make our discord community as burly as possible.

.04 Burly Bears On Location!

Meet the Burly Bears. Our 'Bears On The Brink' series of guided destination adventures will be offered to selected holders. This group will experience the natural habitat of these rare bears for an up-close glimpse into how they live. The community will vote to decide which at-risk habitat we will visit first.

.05 Future Releases

Having an established community, we will present a very unique extension, making the collection truly ‘pop' through a very distinct secondary drop. We hope you’re up for the continuing journey to do well by doing good!


Bears represent strength, protection, courage, ferocity, nobility, perseverance and patience. These creatures have been featured in mythology and legend and they have been depicted throughout the ages by several cultures and societies. In Native American cultures, the bear is the symbol of rebirth because of its hibernation and re-emergence. Prehistoric bear-worship existed in early Chinese and Ainu cultures. In the 20th century, bears have been prominently featured in pop culture.

Diablo has once again created a unique series of digital works, and in this case, a special collection honoring the arc of this revered, at-risk species. Holders of this limited, purpose-driven series will be able to connect with one another, hear from experts and begin to envision our world in an entirely new light. Some holders will join us to experience these creatures in real life. The possibilities of what we can achieve together are endless.

The Team

Creator, lifetime animal lover, and the Founder of Burly Bears.
Nature enthusiast, digital media executive, adventure traveler, and NFT investor.

Come join us in the Burly Bears Discord "Den" to get the latest updates and follow our announcements. The bears need our help.

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